Dedus Canby

Anyone can dress in costume and read out of a history book, but with Arrogant Frenchman Productions history literally comes to life!

Dedus Canby
Dedus Canby

This being out-of-time (can one really call him human?) delights in telling stories of people who have moved on to the next world and the places that they seem hesitant to leave even now. From one's first meeting with him -"My name is Canby, Dedus Canby. Most people just call me Ded." - to his departure (again), one will be delighted by his humorous repartee and chilling stories. One need not fear, however. He does not delight in jumping out of bushes to frighten the passerby. His skill is more in raising the hairs on the back of the neck during a narrative or in causing the listener to begin looking surreptitiously behind him while walking along a dark street.

His knowledge of customs surrounding All Hallows Eve and the enlightening and eerie explanations of that time of the year will bear witness to his obviously having been to the other side to "dig up the facts of the passed."

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