LeFaux de France, 1780-1820

Anyone can dress in costume and read out of a history book, but with Arrogant Frenchman Productions history literally comes to life!

LeFaux de France
LeFaux de France

LeFaux de France finds himself in desperate need of funds. He would be especially delighted to find a young - or not-so-young - woman to share his life and her finances. He is a suave gentleman who displays a fine figure - and a fine leg - at balls and galas where charming ladies gather for entertainment, gossip and husband hunting.

At present he is the owner of an elegant, well-appointed sedan chair for hire by the finest clientele. He and his fellow chairman will provide swift and efficient conveyance in daytime to the shops and in the evening to gala events within the city. He is of sterling character and has not had any brushes with the law, at least about which his clients need be concerned. While it is true that he has had some minor conflicts with husbands of ladies whose attention he has attracted, he remains completely blameless.

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