Irish linen worker, 19th century

Anyone can dress in costume and read out of a history book, but with Arrogant Frenchman Productions history literally comes to life!

Irish linen worker
Linen worker

Linen has traditionally been the mainstay for clothing for the upper levels of society as well as for the working class. And Irish linen has a longstanding reputation of quality. This anonymous linen worker will spellbind the patrons of your historic (or not-so-historic) event as he turns ordinary-looking flax straw into very serviceable linen products.

The audience will learn what to do with a hackle, a scutching knife, a rippling comb, a reel, and the warp and weft. He will also delight the lover of words with his explanations of such expressions as to heckle, raising a dog's hackles, a tow rope, a tow-headed child, the flaxen-haired maiden, a spinster, and a web .

The personable linen worker will relate to children and adults, male and female, as he spins and weaves a tale of everyday life in an era long past. Life might have been simpler, but it certainly wasn't easier. Nor cleaner! This program creates a bit of a mess (easily swept up afterwards) due to bits of dried straw being scattered about in the process of changing straw into gold !

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