Old Man Winter

Anyone can dress in costume and read out of a history book, but with Arrogant Frenchman Productions history literally comes to life!

Old Man Winter
Old Man Winter

Who among us has not complained about Old Man Winter? Meeting him face to face just might, however, change your opinion of him. Hear from his own blue-tinged lips as he is seated on his icy throne why he appears at this time of the year and why cold weather and snow accompany him. Let him tell you, too, about celebrations in his honor throughout the world and throughout time. Poems and stories about winter and understanding the part Old Man winter plays in it might help you to find some fun and joy in wintry weather. And even though he makes no promises, the waving of his snow wand has been known to call up enough white, fluffy snowflakes to allow students and teachers in Darke County, Ohio, to enjoy an unexpected day off!

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