Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra 4th century

Anyone can dress in costume and read out of a history book, but with Arrogant Frenchman Productions history literally comes to life!

Saint Nicholas
St. Nicholas

What better way to learn about the real St. Nicholas than from the flesh-and-blood 4th century bishop himself. He will enthrall the listeners - children and adults - with stories about his early life in present-day Turkey as well as the unusual circumstances of his being chosen as a Bishop of the Church as a young man. His life was full of adventure and good works (even though he didn't go zooming up and down chimneys with a bag full of toys).

If you would like, ask Bishop Nicholas how he became transformed from the religious leader he actually was to the fat, jolly, red-suited bringer-of-toys to good girls and boys of the 19th - 21st centuries. For younger children, he finds great delight in sharing with them colorfully illustrated books about himself and some of his imaginary adventures.

He has brought a new awareness of the holiday season (his feast day is December 6, not the 25th) to schools, libraries, religious education classes, church worship services, and service organizations. His endearing manner appeals to all ages and all faiths.

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